About the Coach



As a Coach, Matthew is passionate about facilitating positive change and growth in both an individual’s personal and professional life. He works to help identify a clear purpose or goal and collaborates to create a challenging yet achievable pathway to excellence and success.


As an accredited NLP Practitioner and Coach, he helps to identify beliefs and thought patterns that are working against what is trying to be achieved, and enables the individual to shift these to create a more positive and resourceful state.


Empowering individuals and teams to take responsibility for their outcomes, focus on what they want and take action to become the best version of themselves.

His work as a coach covers a wide range of people including personal clients looking to change their lives in some way, small business owners and management up to senior executives in the UAE, UK and Australia.


He is also currently working with members of Team GB’s Winter Olympic Bobsleigh Team in the build up to Pyeongchang 2018 to establish an elite mindset of performance excellence and focus.


Matthew can help increase confidence, communication, manage stress and improve emotional intelligence as well as helping develop positive, resourceful, and successful mindsets.

His style is supportive and collaborative whilst also providing appropriate challenges and accountability for coachees to attain their goals through enhanced understanding and performance.


Matthews passion for work is focused on facilitating the growth and development of employees and individuals at all levels of their careers and all stages of life.

He has a breadth of coaching experience covering change management, stress management, executive and elite performance and designing and achieving goals. Utilising strategies and techniques that can be applied in all areas of life to ensure people maximise their potential and become the best version of themselves.

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