Creating a Sales Success Mindset

Sales Success Mindset

Your Return on Investment for this Course:                                        

  • Increased sales results and conversion rates
  • A more confident sales team
  • A more positive and motivated sales team
  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Increased Employee Engagement

How often do you have sales team members who have the same technical skills yet one constantly outperforms the other.

You can provide the best technical sales training in the world, ensure a complete understanding of the product and sales process BUT if your team doesn’t have the right mindset, the mindset for success, their results will always fall short.

They are limiting their own success through no fault of their own and they don’t even know it’s happening.

Thanks to the latest neuroscience research, we know more than ever before about the human brain and we are now in a unique position to understand what it is that makes some people successful whilst others struggle.

There have been some unexpected discoveries but also, a very encouraging realisation that……

‘Success is a learnable skill’

This training is designed to show:

  • How everyone processes information in a way that is unique to them
  • How to identify hidden beliefs that are holding them back from sales success
  • How to combat these beliefs and replace them with more positive and resourceful strategies
  • How to take control and change perspectives to create positive impact

Course Agenda

  • Accountability (Cause and Effect)
  • Focus and the Reticular Activation System
  • Perception and Why we think the way we do
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Replacing them (Sales Focussed)
  • Strategies for Change
  • There is no such thing as Failure
  • Power Thinking vs Positive Thinking

When consistently applied, the strategies learned in this course will increase confidence, motivation, and results.

This is a one day workshop for up to 15 people

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