Stress Management

Stress Management

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Stress is a silent killer. It can dramatically reduce productivity, increase the number of sick days you and your employees take and increases medical insurance premiums.

Our Stress Management program works with individuals at a deep unconscious level to process the negative emotions that help create stress (anger, frustration, fear etc) and then teaches strategies and tools that can be applied on an ongoing basis to keep stress at bay.

JMR Coaching offers life coaching services in Dubai and the wider UAE with highly trained and accredited NLP and Life Coach

We offer some of the widest range of services in Dubai including Life Coaching Programs, NLP Techniques for Overcoming Fears and Phobias, Breaking Habits and How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Stop Sabotaging your own Success.

Also on offer is a range of Executive Coaching for professionals in Dubai looking to maximise their success, build confidence, and improve Sales and Customer Satisfaction results.

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